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    The Famous "Dirilis Ertugrul" and two four words !!!

    About Dirilis Ertugrul

    The feeling of the tin rice in the rain or the cool breeze of the glittering lanterns; It can probably be felt in some other moments.

    There are some books, some movies, serials that once you get inside, an unknown feeling comes and anchors the heartless.

    Maybe I won't say how I felt when I saw "Dirilis Ertugrultoday! just say_
    We have to see this to understand the history of our victory, the infinite sacrifice of our nation. A small Muslim group has ruled three continents for seven hundred years by the grace of God and their merit.
    The historical series shows the rise of the Turkish Muslims under the leadership of the "shining star of history Gazi Ertugul Bey".
    It also explores the lost history of Turkish Muslims' self-identity.

    Before talking about the characters, let's say_
    Sulaiman Shah and Hayme Begum, the leader of a small Qa'i tribe living a nomadic life in the Asian plateau, named "Artugul". He was born sometime between 1191-1198 AD and died in 1280 AD. He was the chief warrior of his father's army. Father Sulaiman Shah He basically planted the seeds of bravery and faith in his mind.
    At that time, the ruler of the Seljuk Empire, who was close to them, was Alauddin Kaykobad Seljuki. 1224 AD Genghis Khan sent a huge army to capture Kunia, the capital of the Seljuk Empire, and on the other hand, the Seljuk forces were very weak and scared compared to the Martian forces of Genghis!
    As soon as the news came to Sulaiman Shah's ears, he called his army chief "Artugul" and ordered - 'O brave warrior, the opportunity has come to drink the cup of martyrdom'_ The Martians who have already destroyed the Muslim world, it is necessary to stand by you with the help of Muslim brothers against those infidels.
    Artugul set out with only 444 soldiers. Later, he joined forces with the weak Seljuds and flew the victorious flag of Kalima on the field of blood-stained warriors.
    The Seljuk Emperor Alauddin named 'Artugul' as the angel of Badr in their victory and he also granted a lot of land to the nomadic Qa'i clan.
    After the Seljuks lost Segut, various forts occupied by the knights were recovered under the leadership of 'Artugul Gazi'.
    'Artugul Gazi' became the cause of headache for Byzantine and Western European crusaders, and the eastern Martians also became angry with him..!


    Meanwhile, he married Halima Sultana, daughter of Seljuk prince Noman.
    The Seljuks were also originally Turks. In the history of Islam, the Turks have done the most religious service after the Arabs. The famous Ottoman Caliphate, Seljuk Empire, Mughal Empire, Safavi (Shia) regime, Ghaznavid and Khawarizmi Empire are all empires built by Turkish Muslims.
    And, the good light of Islam was spread among the Turks mainly during the Umayyad Caliphate.
    Umayyad caliphate hero Muhammad bin Qasim, Musa bin Nusair and Tariq bin Ziyad led by another hero 'Ali Qutaiba Ibn Muslim' continued to conquer different regions of Turkistan beyond Iran. In his hands, groups of different groups came and accepted Islam by holding the hands of those responsible.
    In this way, the influence of Islam went as far as China.

    In "Dirilis Ertugul" serial, all the main characters are aligned with the historical characters, but one character has a different name. Again, it is the most important character after Ertugul, the character of 'Ibn Arabi'.
    Ibn al-Arabi can sometimes be misunderstood here, because in history there was a spiritual Sufi named Ibn al-Arabi - who was a man from Andalusia. But he is a very controversial Sufi!
    After "Artugul" the character is important because Artugul Bayr was really a spiritual teacher and confidant, his name was "Shaykh Adab Ali at-Tamimi"(1206-1326). people
    What is shown in the role of Ibn Arabi in the role of important Shaykh Adab Ali and its main history is-
    He is a shaykh of great motivation and spiritual calmness. In his historical roles, he shows the practical application of the Qur'an-Sunnah in war, sacrifice, struggle and the ups and downs of life through various sermons, whenever this group of the Ummah of the Prophet (PBUH) is faced with any great danger or indecisiveness. He would then appear and beautifully explain the teachings of the Qur'anic Hadith and the practical applications of history. Martyrdom, patience is the main lesson of this character..

    Now the question may arise, what is the need for so many words about the name Ibnul Arabi! And why did this name come in place of Sheikh Adabali!?
    Ibnul Arabi's original name - Shaikh Ali Akbar Muhiuddin Ibnul Arabi (1165-1240). He was a great scholar and writer of Sufism. He traveled to different countries and had many students.
    But, the famous Hafiz Ibn Kachir (RA), Hafez Ibn Hajar Asqalani (RA), Hafiz Ibn Dafiq Damascus (RA) and many big scholars called him as a misguided aqeedah and many gave Kafir fatwas. And his influence was wide..
    His greatest disciple, Sadr Uddin Kunavi, and many students gathered there when the Ottoman Caliphate was established. Read More About>>>Jacqueline got bail in Money Laundering Case
    Although the state, education system and legal department of the Ottoman Caliphate were managed by Sunni scholars. Nevertheless, due to the considerable influence of these Sufis, several books, including Kusum al-Hikam written by the Andalusian Sufi Ibn Arabi, found their place in the textbooks; As a result of which the influence of Sufis gradually increased, due to this, the pro-Saudi Salafis showed the Sufi belief as the belief of the Ottoman Caliphate and called the Ottoman Caliphate as wrong..!
    In a word, it may be because of the influence of that Sufi school that the director of the serial chose the name of Ibn Arabi instead of Shaykh Adab Ali at-Tamimi and highlighted Sufism.
    The bottom line is that if 'Shaikh Adab Ali' is placed in the place of 'Ibn Arabi', the original character and the correct history will be known.
    A very inspiring beacon was - Shaykh Adab Ali at-Tamimi.
    (But there is no chance to think bad of all Sufis! Many Sufis of Sahih Aqeedah are also in history)

    The core teachings of the serial revolve around collective self-sacrifice for Islam, Islamic cultural practices, awareness of our history of struggle, Jihad and Shaha.

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