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    Raj refutes Parimani's complaint involving Mim

     Raj refutes Parimani's complaint involving Mim

    Mim With Raj (right) and  Parimani. - Photo: Collected

    Parimani's husband Shariful Raj has opened up after the conflict between actress Meem and Parimani over Raj. Throwing accusations at Parimani, Raj said on Saturday, "I don't know why such accusations were made about my love affair with Vidya Sinha Mim." I am totally shocked. All the accusations brought against me by Pari are false.

    Raj also said, 'I am careful about any work I do. More caring for the family. I can't think of such an immoral thing to leave family, wife, children and get involved in another relationship. My point is - whatever anyone says, for whatever reason, I am not upset at all. Because lies never last.'

    Raj's comment, 'Only Pari can tell why Pari gave those statuses. Ask him. I believe he will clear it all. All I can say is that all the allegations against me are false. Not true at all.'

    When asked about the breakup of the family, Raj said, "There is no such incident that will break the family suddenly." We married for love. Pari I love so much and will continue to love. We also have a lovely child. So I will say, if Pari has understood any mistake without his knowledge, he will normalize and handle everything with his good thinking. I have nothing more to say.'

    On the other hand, film hero and former general secretary of Bangladesh Film Artists Association Zayed Khan said that it is not right to bring personal matters of artists to the public like this.

    He said, "These matters should be finished in the bedroom or drawing room." Zayed Khan said, "Artists will have their personal lives." But I am not in favor of telling people that by status on Facebook.

    Zayed Khan said, "Many things have happened in my life, but I have never come on Facebook live and said that. Because it can't give any solution other than to make people laugh. Artists should discuss their personal problems in the bedroom. Let nothing else come out about it. Otherwise, the respect of artists will decrease, not increase.

    Zayed Khan said this while coming to perform at Navanna Festival organized by Greater Mymensingh SSC 92 Batch at Zainul Abedin Auditorium of Bangladesh Agricultural University on Friday night.

    It is to be noted that late on November 9, Parimani posted the status of actress Mim with her husband Shariful Raj. In the same status, the director of Raj-Mim duo Paran and Damal called Rafi a 'broker'. And tells Mim to be content with her husband.

    A few hours after Parimani posted such a status on Facebook, Mim clarified his position without mentioning anyone's name on his verified Facebook page. Meem claimed in his post that one side was 'jealous' of his path and was muttering 'ugliness'. He will also think of taking legal action if there is any kind of excess.

    Parimani then gave another status about Mim. He also leaked the screenshot of his conversation with Meem in that status.

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