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    Shahrukh Khan was treated at the airport!

    Shahrukh Khan was treated at the airport!

    Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was detained at the Mumbai airport in India. The internet was abuzz with this news on Saturday. It is heard that Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was questioned by the customs department at the Mumbai airport on Saturday. The superstar was returning from Sharjah that day. He had several valuables with him. That is why the customs department stopped him at Mumbai airport. He had a watch case worth Rs 18 lakh. That is why he was interrogated by the customs department for some time. He was released after paying a tax of 6 lakh 83 thousand rupees. It is heard that Shah Rukh was interrogated for about an hour. However, it was later revealed that Shah Rukh and his manager Pooja Dadlani were released but his bodyguard was detained.

    But recently it was revealed that it was not Shahrukh but his bodyguard Bobby Singh who was arrested. Shahrukh's bodyguard was intercepted by customs officials at the Mumbai airport on Saturday while returning from Sharjah. There, two watches and four watch boxes, worth Rs 18 lakh, were recovered from his bag. He was then asked whether he would pay taxes on these things or not. Otherwise, the customs department will confiscate it. Then Shahrukh agreed to pay that money. Bobby Singh was released from the airport after paying a tax of Rs 6.83 lakh.

    Recently, an official of the customs department has opened his mouth in this context. He said that the news of Shah Rukh Khan being detained at Mumbai airport is not true at all. The actor's bodyguard Ravi Singh was intercepted by the Air Intelligence Unit. Because he broke the customs rules. He was then released after paying the amount due to the customs office. Shah Rukh Khan was not restrained for any reason.

    Shah Rukh Khan was honored with the Global Icon of Cinema and Cultural Narrative Awards on Friday. The book fair was organized at the Expo Center in Sharjah. He was given this honor there. This award was given to him for his contribution in the world of writing and creativity. The talk of unity in diversity came up in his speech. "All of us, wherever we live, whatever our colour, whatever religion we follow, whatever song we dance to, our culture should be full of love, peace and compassion," he said.

    Source: Zee News

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