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    The 5 Plants Must be Kept at Home !!!

     The 5 Plants

    Citing a recently published NASA study, the Times of India reported that there are some plants which, if kept in the house, will not only provide oxygen but will also clean the polluted air in the house.
    Let's see which trees to arrange in the house from now on:

    1) Aloe Vera: Bengali called Ghritkumari. It does not help to increase the oxygen level in the room. Absorbs harmful substances like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde (toxins) in the room. Just one plant can clean the air as much as 9 biological air purifier cans.

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    2) Golden Pothos: According to NASA scientists, every house should have this plant. Because up to 60 percent of indoor air toxins and 58 percent of odors can be absorbed within just 6 hours of being brought indoors.

    3) Spider plant: They can photosynthesize even in very low light. As a result, this plant gives a lot of oxygen. Apart from that, styrene, gasoline like toxins are able to absorb from the air. One tree can purify the air of an area of ​​about 200 square meters.

    4) Snake plant: This plant does not die easily. No special light or water is required. By cleaning toxins or providing oxygen. The best thing about it is that they keep releasing oxygen into the room even at night. It is the most ideal plant to keep in the bedroom.

    5) Peace Lily: Absorbs chemicals and toxins present in the air instantly. Cleans the air by absorbing toxins, especially trichloroethylene and formaldehyde.

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