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    Can Life Be Meaningful In The Metaverse?

     Can Life Be Meaningful In The Metaverse?

    My two teenage daughters both cry when I tell my husband he's on his own because I'm going into the metaverse. Lock myself in my home office at 7pm. On Friday, I put on Meta's $399 virtual-reality headset Quest 2, a big, white bill loaded with all sorts of cameras, microphones, speakers, eye displays and detectors.

    When I power it up, the "I want bedtime mama" scream fades away, replaced by a soft whine and the sound of catcalls. I'm transported to a mountain manor. I turned my head at the sight
    A golden sky dotted with distant swashes and hot-air balloons. This stirring spot (which I can change, like the desktop wallpaper) is a glorified lobby, where I choose an app to load.
    I could meditate, box cardio, or kill zombies, but I'd be up for Horizon Worlds, Meta's VR-grounded social network, where, at least, thousands of people hang out as cartoon performances of themselves, creating virtual palaces, clubs, auditoriums. and theater - known as the world.

    I choose a world under a starry blue sky with a 4-story comedy club As I enter, a man in an Argentinian hoodie approaches me. "Hello," I say. In response he lunged at me, so I floated away.
    Another icon comes to me. He has a beard and a man bun and wears a collared shirt to reveal a generous portion of his digital casket. "Kush Hill," she says, reading the white card hanging above my head. "Do you speak French?"

    "I don't speak French," I say. He flinches and floats.
    A baseball-capped icon takes the stage and picks up the mic. "Want to hear a story about my academy? He asks in an immature voice that suggests a straight 6th grade story. "I don't want to hear it," says someone who seems to be standing on my left wing, even though I'm alone in my office. .

    Horizon is "the macrocosm of matter in the metaverse," said Vishal Shah, the superintendent in charge of the "spatial-present interpretation of the Internet" that the company formerly known as Facebook has decided its future. Meta has an emotional track record, unnaturally altering the way its nearly three billion drug fraternity consumes information and wastes time.
    Meta is estimated to have sold around 15 million Metaverse-enabled headsets, and yet people remain skeptical of an immersive Internet. Since Mark Zuckerberg, the chief superintendent, last flashed that he planned to spend billions of bones
    Bringing Metaverse into the millions, the company's stock price plummeted.

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