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    The interview table sir remained silent for a while


    Incident - 1
    The interview table sir remained silent for a while. Then, he said in a heavy voice - Wow! Your certificate is very good! I do not want to ask you more questions! Assume you got the job! But the problem is that big sir has to pay 5 lakhs as a gift! Deposit the money within a week! Then you will be appointed! The boy came out of the interview room and came home and told his father that if he didn't get 5 lakh taka, he wouldn't get the job! The simple father of the village collected 5 lakh rupees by selling his house for his son's job! Then the boy got a job by giving 5 lakh taka as a gift to the elder sir!
    Incident - 2
    Big sir's son's birthday today! A huge party has been organized at home! He entered the house and started calling his son's name! As soon as the son approached, the elder sir said "Happy birthday my son" and handed the key of the bike worth 5 lakh taka to the son! When the boy got the bike, he hugged his father and shouted - My father is the best father in the world!
    Incident - 3
    Big sir's son went out for a bike ride today, the bike is running on the highway at 80 kilometers per hour! Suddenly everything stopped with the truck! The big sir's son was admitted to the hospital. The big doctor of the hospital said that your son's condition is not good, a very complicated operation has to be done, deposit 10 lakhs at the counter! The elder sir did not see any way and deposited the money saved in the bank for his daughter's marriage at the counter!
    Incident - 4
    The big doctor is very happy today! Took 10 lakh taka for the operation of 3-4 lakh taka, the whole profit! He happily bought a gold necklace for his only daughter and returned home! Entering the house, he started calling his college student daughter Mamuni Mamuni! The doctor's wife said crying, their daughter has not returned home yet! The elder doctor looked for his daughter a lot, when he was disorientated without finding anything, a call came from an unknown number! On the phone from that end, your daughter is with us, to get her back, you have to pay 20 lakhs as ransom! Hearing this, the wife of the big doctor had a stroke!
    Lesson: What you have done in the past, what you are doing now, the future will come back to you in a more terrible form!!
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction! (Newton's Third Law of Motion)
    So be careful while there is time!!
    You have to practice walking on the right path. Participating in good work and benefiting people can really be good.

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