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    Windows 11 :: Biggest Changes and New Features

     Windows 11 :: Biggest Changes and New Features

    The Biggest Changes of Windows 11

    Introduction: What are the Biggest Changes in Windows 11 and What is the New Interface?

    Windows 11 is the latest installment of Microsoft’s Windows OS. It is a significant change from the previous Windows OS, Windows 10. The new interface has been created to make it more user-friendly and easier to use.

    Changes in Windows 11:

    - New Start menu design

    - A new taskbar with a customizable layout

    - Cortana voice assistant in the task bar

    - New Edge browser that replaces Internet Explorer

    - Improved touch support for mouse and keyboard

    The New Start Menu and Its Relevant Features

    Microsoft has introduced a new start menu for its latest version of office software - office 2016. It is a brand-new look that reflects the new design language of Microsoft’s Office 365.

    The New Start Menu has been designed to help users identify the task they are currently working on, as well as provide them with easy access to their favorite tools and applications. It also helps users stay organized by keeping their tasks in one place and providing quick access to files, documents, apps, and websites.

    Microsoft's New Start Menu was designed to help users stay organized and keep track of what they are doing at any given moment. The task bar provides quick access to your favorite tools and apps while the familiar Windows Explorer remains in place for those who prefer it over the new interface.

    How to Use Cortana with Voice Commands & Switches in Windows 11

    Cortana is a voice assistant that can be used with Windows 11. With Cortana, users can search for files, apps and websites using voice commands and switches.

    To use Cortana with your voice, you need to be running Windows 11 and have the latest version of Cortana installed. After you have done that, you need to open up your search bar and click on the microphone icon in the upper right hand corner. This will bring up a microphone icon which allows you to speak into it. Now when you are in your search bar, type in "Cortana" and say "Hey Cortana" or "Hey Cortana, what can I do?"

    Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant that provides users with helpful information such as weather forecasts, appointments or reminders based on user's interests. It also helps users find their favorite apps or websites by typing into its search bar or saying its name aloud.

    The New "Fluent Design System" in Windows with its Design Focus on Functionality & Experiences

    Microsoft announced the new "Fluent Design System" in Windows 10, which is designed to provide a better user experience. It's a design-focused system that helps you get things done faster and simpler.

    The Fluent Design System is built on three design principles: simplicity, consistency and efficiency. These principles are utilized in every aspect of the system to provide you with a better experience.

    Microsoft has been trying to make their products more intuitive and easy-to-use for years now, but this time they've gone all out with the Fluent Design System.

    Windows Update on Your Schedule With Automatic Updates Including Security Patches and Updates to Other Software Programs.

    Microsoft has launched a new feature called Windows Update on Your Schedule. With this feature, users can automatically schedule updates to their computers.

    This is especially important for people who work with sensitive information online because they need to keep their systems up-to-date. This feature is also helpful for IT professionals who want to make sure that their systems are always secure and running at top performance.

    Microsoft has also released a tool that allows IT professionals to manage updates in bulk and create schedules for different groups of computers.

    New Features that Every Home User Should Know About Before Installing or Upgrading to Windows 11

    Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. It includes a lot of new features that can make your life easier. Here are some of the features that you should know about before installing or upgrading to Windows 11.

    The new features include:

    - Cortana, an AI assistant that helps you navigate through your PC and manage apps on it

    - Improved gaming experience with Xbox Live integration

    - A New Start menu and a redesigned Taskbar

    - A redesigned Control Panel

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